As part of the journalism program, the students produce four four tabloid-style newspapers during a semester in addition to a steady stream of content on line. They are getting hands-on experience in the craft while also telling the stories of the people and events at the college.


We'd love to hear from you and answer any questions you have. We are also open to story ideas, critiques, praise and opportunities to benefit our students.

The Express
3000 Campus HIll Drive
Livermore, CA 94551


“We're seeking to equip students to leave here prepared to attack a career in media, and we're extremely proud of how well our alumni are doing.”

— Melissa Korber, Head of Mass Comm
“The talent present and the quality of the work is an impressive collective and is, pound for pound, on par with any collegiate program.”

— Marcus Thompson, Sports Writer, Adjunct
“If you’re serious about pursuing a career in media, there’s no better place to start. There’s no way I would be in this position if not for The Express.

— Martin Gallegos, MLB Writer, Alumnus

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